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Default Weight, Reduce Tips.

Well if you want to decrease some weight then you must avoid, unhealthy and fast food. Always take a better night sleep. Drink a plenty of water, and i think running is the one of the good way to decrease weight. Always stay away from oily food. Water naturally need, some space so that you feel fuller without actually having to stuff yourself.
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Post Nice thread

Yup very true. taking best balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, juices , milk and stop taking drinks , alcohol and junk food, regular light exercise, half hour walk or jog or running really helpful. even if you feel not better or week or want to gain some then start taking health or energy supplements.
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There is no secret in reducing or losing weight, in fact diet pills are not important for losing weight, merely having a good diet and exercise is enough and at the same time, safe.
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Less fatty foods and eat more vegies and fruits. Diet is eating a right amount of protein and making the body look healthier not like the other people doing, eating once a day it's not diet it is DIE-t. lol
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To lose the weight effectively and without any side effects you should choose any natural way of the weight loss such as exercising, dieting and sports activities.
Never use any diet pills or steroids for fast weight loss because these weight loss pills and steroids lose the weight very quickly but bring a number adverse effects for the health in return.
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